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As Long As You Have A Collateral by MythsandMonsters As Long As You Have A Collateral by MythsandMonsters
{ I've realized that I've never made a species description on Rune Keepers, a.k.a Persephone, Hades, and Poseidon's species.

Rune Keepers look as if you wished upon a demon, horns, pale skin, and prominent colours. The colours are known to be complementary or analogous. Clothing on this sort of 'demon' are somewhat similar tribal, Celtic, Greek, Roman, Chinese, Japanese, Nordic, or any ancient civilization from their region. The also tend to be tall.

Abilities of them mainly to be magic, summoning, high stamina levels, agility, and strength. Magic and summoning tends to be the superior ability of the Rune Keepers. Their strength can to be as up to holding 2 full grown oak maple trees.

Other abilities consist of PERFECT memory, 20/20 vision, and sensitive hearing. They are able to tune your voice or any other certain sounds out.

No one knows where their habitat is; but some people say that they live in a kingdom that no one knows about that is shrouded by darkness.

Their weaknesses tend to be bright un/holy light, highly toxic poison( Which would take a lot), or intense physical damage.

Now let's get into the deep stuff.

Rune keepers are known to be information brokers. However, instead of paying with money or any type of currency, you are needed to trade something dear to you as a collateral. You fill their end of the bargain and they'll fill yours. Simple as that. However, in some cases, some like to play games in replacement for the deal.

But some won't even deal info (Like Persephone, Hades, Poseidon, and their mother), or they've given up completely on doing so.

'Information' you are able to deal are maps, locations, special pinpoints, weaknesses, common strategic plans, 'secrets', protection of certain people, etc...

But trading something 'dear' to you would require something like your soul, life, emotions, connections, memories, or any other thing improtant.

Most being sly and conniving, they are truthful and loyal when they are making, or during a deal. It is against their moral code to cheat on a bargain. However it is a nasty habit of showing their sly side when dealing or not.

Not many are dangerous, but it is very good to be on your toes. It will help. }
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